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Renata Murphy Nutrition does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.   

Free Discovery Call 

This is a 20-minute phone call to know how we can work together, based on your health concerns and primary goals. You may wonder how many sessions you need to reach your goals. This varies from person to person, it depends on how ready you are to make changes, your relationship with food, and support.

Initial Consultation 

This consultation is conducted over the zoom, This is an assessment of your health history, laboratory work, and current eating habits. I take into account the whole picture to spot nutrient deficiency, food allergy or sensitivity. We will get to know each other, I want to hear your story.

Report of Findings
30 minutes 

This meeting occurs 7 days after the initial consultation. 

Follow-up Package 

Working on a long run with a nutritionist is the best way to see results in chronic digestive issues and concerns with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, and food sensitivity.

You will receive in the package:
*Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching sessions
*Unlimited email support
*Customized meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
*Personalized supplement plan if needed
*Educational handouts

Packages have a discount. 

One-Follow-up Session as needed

In this session, we will re-assess your symptoms, make dietary adjustments, and introduce strategies to move towards your goals.
You will receive educational handouts and limited emails in between consultations.


I am not taking insurance. 

Detox Program

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